Online Baccarat

The game of baccarat can be traced all the way back to casinos in Italy and France and within the last 30 years has become a favorite at casinos in the United States. With the launch of online gambling and how fast the market is growing in Pennsylvania, the majority of online casinos offer baccarat as one of the many table games for players to gamble on, along with online slots

Baccarat online is played with two or three cards and the advantage is given to the player who chooses the higher hand. The game has three possible outcomes of either a Player win, a Banker win, and a tie. It is one of the few table games that rely on chance, does not require much strategy, and is a traditional high roller game

Aside from the classic, online baccarat can also be played as mini-baccarat or with a live dealer. Mini baccarat is great for new online players as they can make smaller bets on a smaller table and learn the rules without having to wager so much. Live dealer baccarat is useful to online players who want the same experience as a land-based casino and play with real-life card dealing, without having to leave their bed. 

How to Play Baccarat Online

The game is started by a player making one of the following bets: Player, Banker, or Tie.

Once the bet has been placed, the Player and the Banker both receive two cards. If the Players hand is less than 5, they have no choice but to take a third card and this will be done automatically when playing online. 

In the end, the hands are compared and the one with the higher hand - either Player or Banker - wins. 

10’s and face cards count as zero points and only the last digits of number cards are counted.

For example, if the Player hand is dealt a 5, a 7, and a King, then the total of the hand is 2 (5 + 7 = 12 but only last digit of number matters). If the Banker is dealt an 8 and 6 the sum is 14, which in online baccarat equals 4. The win now goes to whoever bet on the Banker's hand. 

Winning Online Baccarat 

Online baccarat is one of the easiest casino games to learn and play and comes with more than one way to win!  

  • Placing a bet on the Player hand and the hand wins, the wagerer now receives an even money payout from the bet and has no commission taken out. 
  • Placing a bet on the Banker's hand and the hand wins, the wagerer now receives an even money payout from the bet and minus a 5% commission to the house. 
  • Placing a bet on a Tie and the games in a tie, the wagerer receives the winnings from the original bet placed and does not lose anything. 

Online Baccarat Strategy 

Unlike online blackjack, playing online baccarat is mostly about luck but there are a few things players can take notice of to help them when placing their bets and beating the odds.

Always try to bet on the Player

While the Banker might have better odds, it comes with a loss of 5% for commission so players are likely to get less back.

Always check the odds

Knowing the odds of a baccarat game before placing a bet is very helpful. While most online casinos only take a 5% commission from bets placed on the Banker, some casinos can take as much as 25%. Players should also be aware of the online casino's terms and conditions.

Quit while you’re already ahead 

If a player has reached a sum of profit from their original bet, better to stop before losing it all.

Establish a time frame of play

House edge will get every player at some point, so it is better for those not to chase after their losses and if winning, playing short sessions will benefit the player in the long run. 

Manage your money 

It is important players always have money in their online bank account and don't go chasing their losses. 

Find the Best PA Online Casino for Baccarat 

As more online casinos start to go live in Pennsylvania, many will be offering popular table games like blackjack and baccarat. The following is a list of things players should look for before signing up for an online casino to play baccarat. 

Big Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are one of the biggest ways online casinos can keep new players signing up to the site in the competitive industry of online gambling. New online baccarat players will receive offers of deposit bonuses which give them the chance to win extra free cash. Players should be aware of the fact that a lot of welcome bonuses come with playthrough requirements before the bonus is paid out into the player's online account, which can be found on the online casino page.

Safe and Secure Sites

All online casinos in Pennsylvania require the basic personal information to set up a player's online account, which includes credit card information and Social Security Number. Players should choose an online casino that is well trusted with a good reputation which can be very easy to find in Pennsylvania. In terms of online baccarat, players want to ensure the site they are playing on has fair shuffling, random number generators, and proper software because these are the online casinos that are regularly monitored and fix bugs quickly.  

Good Customer Support

Problems arise with online casinos all the time whether it be a poor connection or a player not understanding how their no deposit bonus works. Good online casinos should have around the clock customer service to aid online players and resolve any issues fast. It is recommended to stay away from an online casino that only has available customer service at certain hours and only during the day.