Online Roulette

Online Roulette is one of the most popular and iconic casino games in the market and can be found at virtually any casino land-based or online. It has been around since the 18th century and is a game of chance that comes with easy to learn rules. Compared to online Blackjack and poker online which require players to use strategy, roulette online is the opposite and requires little to no training. 

American VS. European Roulette 

Online Roulette is a game that has many different variants and the most popular released so far would be American and European Roulette. The differences between the two include the strategy, rules, and house edge. 

European Roulette has been around the longest and is considered to be the original game. The wheel is divided into red and black and the table features 37 numbers starting from 0, then 1-36 which is where the bets are placed. European Roulette is a single-zero roulette game which means that there is only one zero slot on the wheel while American Roulette has two. Compared to 5.26% that is players' odds of winning in American Roulette, European player's odds are 2.7%.  The goal for players is to guess which number, out of the 36, the ball will land on when the wheel is spun with the option to bet on a single number or multiple. 

European Roulette’s advantage over American is since there is only one zero slot and not two, players have a greater chance at winning their bets as there is less of a chance the ball will fall into the zero slot compared to the two slots in the American version. European Roulette also has insurance that covers players bet and prevents them from losing the money if the ball happens to fall into the zero slot. 

How to Play Roulette Online

While Roulette is a game of many variations, Americans and European are played with pretty much the same rules except for a few slight differences.

Players first need to place their bets which can be done on single numbers, groups of numbers, even or odd, colors, or placing bets on the entire table. 

After the player has decided how they want to place their bets, all that’s left is to press “spin” to activate the virtual dealer and turn the Roulette wheel. 

Winners are paid according to the paytable and there is a greater chance at winning if players choose to place outside bets, meaning wagering on just red or black for each spin, because it covers nearly half of potential combinations. Choosing to wager on just one number will lower the chance to win greatly. 

Online Roulette Payouts

There are many possible betting options for players in the game of online roulette so it is important to know how much each odd is worth and ensure that chips are placed in the correct place on the table, or risk losing a payout. Outside bets are when a player chooses to wager on a specific set of numbers or colors “outside” the 38 numbers on the table and if the ball lands on either zero slots players will lose all outside bets. Inside bets are the same except that these bets have less of a chance to win but a higher payout. 

In Roulette, odds are represented in the form of x to 1 so players are winning x dollars for every dollar bet. If a player bets on a single number offering a payout of 35 to 1 and wins, the payout is $35 and the original dollar bet. 

Outside Bets Payouts: 

  • Odd or Even - Even odds (1 to 1) pays out if the ball lands on odd or even number depending on what the better chose.
  • Red or Black - Even odds (1 to 1) and pays out if the ball lands on the color chosen by the player. 
  • High or Low - Even money (1 to 1) if players bet high then the ball must land on 19-36 to receive a payout and if wagered low then the ball must land on 1-18. 
  • Columns - Pays out 2 to 1 and to win players need the ball to land in one of the three columns that contain the selected number bet on. 
  • Dozens - Pays out 2 to 1 and players have the option to bet on either of the three dozen; 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. 

Inside Bets Payouts:

  • Split bet - 17 to 1 payout, players bet on two numbers near each other by placing the chip in between them. 
  • Street bet - 11 to 1 payout, players bet on three numbers lined in a row by placing the chip in the selected row. 
  • Straight up - Single number bet and pays off 35 to 1.
  • Corner bet - Also known as a square bet, players wager on four numbers from the corner of a square. Pays out 8 to 1. 
  • Five number bet - Considered to be the worst bet on the table, players can only wager on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 by placing a chip on the outside corner line between 1 and 0. Pays out 6 to 1 and can only be done once in a game. 
  • Six number bet - Pays out 5 to 1 and covers two adjoining rows of numbers. 

Online Roulette Tips

Players should take into consideration a few factors before signing up and placing real money on online roulette. 

Online Casino

Before choosing an online casino to deposit to, players should look at the different variations of Roulette offered as the game is not limited to European and American versions. Some live casinos will offer a Live Roulette so players can have the same experience as a land casino without the hassle of traveling, as well as free versions for those not wanting to bet real money right away. 


Online roulette should always be fair so it’s a good idea for players to read the online casinos licensing, safety measures and payout percentile to ensure they are joining a secure site. 


Players should keep an eye out for the best bonuses offered by different online casinos as this will allow longer playtime and can lead to high winning roulette payouts.